No Balls: More Is More 




BOAWS Top Records of 2017

09 – No Balls – More is More (8mm)

imageSo, I know that No Balls was originally started as a side project for a couple of the figures that make up Brainbombs and that it has since grown to include some dudes from Noxagt. However, More is More essentially sounds like a Brainbombs record without the vocals (which for some, might actually be a great thing) and maybe just an ounce more clarity. I guess I just don’t understand why bothering to do this under the No Balls name, especially since the earlier stuff they did was definitely weirder and didn’t fit the “Brainbombs mold” necessarily. Maybe the absence of ultra violent imagery is an automatic no go, but the music itself on More is More is certainly every bit as violent. In fact, this really out does the Brainbombs record that did in fact come out this year, which is kind of funny. All of this makes it sound like I don’t like it, but I really dig this…it’s just incredibly blunt and stomping instrumental noise-rock. Relentless and surprisingly rocking. I suppose if there is differences to be found from Brainbombs and this, it’s that the fellas from Noxagt know a thing or two about instrumental noise-rock and put it to good use here by doubling down on the low end…creating a pretty monstrous heap of noise. You then toss in the occasional skronk that Dan Råberg brings to the table with his trumpet playing and you have this big heaping mess. Take it or leave it.

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