Regel #6 & #7


Regler: regel #6 (techno), regel #7 (drone) – LP, Quemada Records.
Regler Regel #6 (Techno) Regel #7 (Drone) LP (Quemada)
So here’s the catch: Regler is Mattin (Mr. Billy Bao himself) and Anders Brynhelsson (he of Brainbombs) attempting to “distort different musical genres” one track at a time. If upon reading that you’re bracing yourself like you’re about to be punched, your instincts are correct, as this is Mattin at his most vinyl-wasteful, once again pushing high-concept music into new levels of pointless boredom. “Regel #6 (Techno)” is as emotive and dense as most run-out grooves, offering little beyond a 4/4 kick and an extremely subtle hi-hat clicking along (or vague approximation thereof). “Regel #7 (Drone)”, however, is a surprising edit of circus sound-effects, rifle explosions and Dan Rather news briefs. Just kidding! It’s one big long boring hum. I am glad that Mattin exists and has been making music in so many thoughtful and strange ways over the years, but this project reads like the aural equivalent of a couple dudes setting up a bunch of mirrors and then jerking off in front of them, so enamored and impressed by the various angles of their own bodies as they go at it. Except actually that sounds a lot more interesting than the music Regler provides here, and I’m pretty sure The Gerogerigegege have already done that anyway. 

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